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December 30, 2012


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Asno Blanco

We've been blessed with rain this year, but I remember the pain from last year. Best wishes to your ranch.


Thanks a lot! I'm sure everything will turn out all right!


We faced a similar situation a couple of years ago. We sold most of our cows but kept the goats when the winter weather hit. We gave the goats good quality hay and a goat mineral block. It wasn't adequate enough and it was obvious when they kidded. Lesson learned. Good luck with your herd. Hope spring brings you rain and lots of forage! Too bad we can't send some of our rain your way :)


By the way, great blog!


I'm sorry your kidding season didn't turn out well. I hope it goes better this year. We've been getting a little bit of rain off and on for the last couple of weeks. I guess you managed to send us some of your rain after all!

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