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November 10, 2009


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Matthew Calfee

I whole heartedly agree. I have does that are Genemaster & Spanish/ Boer cross & just got rid of my Genemaster buck. Too much Boer influence in my herd. I had way too many parasite problems this year despite multiple wormings, had more loss this year than in any of the 10+ years I have been in the goat business. I now have a PB Kiko buck & a FB Spanih Buck & this year I bred every doe to the Spanish with kids due to start hitting ground 1st week of November. Next year I will breed my Spanish cross does to the Kiko & the Kiko cross does to the Spanish. Eventually I will get a momma goat that is a good blend of both & I will breed alot of the Boer out of my herd & I will take these does & breed them to a Savannah buck to get what I think might be the ultimate meat goat. We'll see.

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